Our Mission: Relentless Service

At Wright Construction Group, our mission is to build client loyalty through relentless service. More than anything, we want to communicate to you not just the experience of our firm, but the value that our firm can deliver on any project. We accomplish that through very systematic processes.

First, we have a goal of turning over our projects with zero “0” architectural punchlist items. It is our belief that it is 100% our responsibility to turn over a finished project to our clients and that means finished well with the highest of quality. Finished means that we have maintained a strict adherence to the plans and specifications, industry standards, and manufacturers’ installation instructions. Finished means we have thoroughly punched (inspected) the project with our own forces before we tell you we are complete. We have been very successful in delivering projects with little to no punchlist due to this standard that we have established as a corporation.

Second, we have a standard of zero “0” contractor initiated change orders on all of our construction management projects for the last six years. We take cost control very seriously and are committed to working with our clients to be good stewards of the resources they have available on their projects. Two main elements of our delivery process allow us to accomplish this goal. The first is our highly structured plan review process. This process is a systematic review of all of the drawings for a particular project. This review is designed to identify any errors or omissions in the design documents. We perform this plan review process on all of our projects to ensure a well-coordinated project before we start construction. This allows us to have questions cleared up on the design documents before we go to contract with our subcontractors, which eliminates potential change orders right from the start. We also detail our scopes with our subcontractors so as to protect our clients as well as ourselves.

Finally, Wright is here to serve even when the project is completed. Wright is always available to discuss any issues that arise long after the last nail is hammered or flooring is laid. We value our clients and commit to the long term.