Take a look back at Wright Construction Group

In 1946, Fred Wright opened for business with a small office in the basement of his home in Elkhart, Indiana. With the help of his wife, Maxine, Wright built a reputation for excellence with each accomplishment. Fred hired extraordinary professionals including mason tender Ron Edman in 1955, continuing to grow the company to its first incorporation in 1959.

In 1981, Wright Construction moved to Fort Myers. Early on in the company’s time here, Wright earned important clients such as Jerry’s Shopping Center on Sanibel Island, Lee County School Board, and Edison State College (now Florida SouthWestern State College). In 1985, Ron Edman became President of the company and bought all the remaining interests from Fred Wright by 1998. During this time, Ron began mentoring his son Fred to carry the torch of excellence as a leader in the company. Fred first began his career at Wright in 1983 as a field laborer. He later spent time as a project manager before becoming the Vice President under his father. In 2001, Fred became President of the company. In order to facilitate the transfer of ownership from father to son, Wright Construction Group was established in 2005. Today, Fred and his wife Kelly remain the sole owners of Wright Construction Group.