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Construction Management

Wright Construction Group has been successfully delivering projects under the CM at risk contract method for over 50 years. Through that experience, we have built a construction process that provides detailed focus to every facet of the construction process beginning at pre-construction and moving through the successful completion of the project and post-project service. It is a true teaming relationship between the client, the engineers/designers, the construction manager and all subcontractors and suppliers. The construction manager works hand-in-hand with subcontractors and suppliers, overseeing their work and developing ways to add value, keep costs in check, and complete projects ahead of schedule. Working as a CM, Wright also works closely with the design professionals with the desire to help accomplish what the designer ultimately intended for each project. Finally, as CM, Wright Construction will work closely with our clients to be good stewards of their finances as well as turn over a completed project that provides a lower life-cycle cost resulting from the high level of quality achieved in construction. Working with a Construction Manager allows for a higher level of transparency, as we provide real-time budget estimates to the project team throughout the design and build-out process, minimizing surprises and allowing for necessary adjustments along the way. During construction, we provide a number of levels of back-up of our costs in association with our monthly pay applications. This will allow the clients to develop a trust in Wright Construction that every penny is accounted for and tracks with the Estimate.

  1. The Client selects the Construction Manager early in the process so as to work with the design team throughout the design process. This maximizes the value the client can receive from the project
  2. The Construction Manager provides a negotiated fixed fee for construction services
  3. The Construction Manager is involved from the beginning prior to design including:
    • Providing budget confirmation and estimates
    • Performing value analysis
    • Performing design reviews for constructability
    • Developing schedule
    • Providing an "open book" procurement
    • Performing site planning and phasing plans
    • Managing minority group participation and requirements
    • Insuring a pre-qualified workforce
    • Creating custom-made subcontractor bid packages for local participation
    • Soliciting competitive bids from all trades
    • Evaluating subcontractor and supplier bid / Awarding contracts
  4. The Construction Manager Controls Construction Activities
    • Cost Control
    • Reporting Process
    • Schedule Control
    • Quality Control
    • Site Management
    • Renovation / Phasing
    • Safety
    • Building Systems Commissioning
  5. The Construction Manager Controls Post-Construction Activities
  6. The Construction Manager Coordinates Move-In scheduling
    • Project Close Out / Warranties
    • As-Builts
    • In-Service Training Videos
    • Warranty follow-up

Wright Construction is very sensitive to the importance of adhering to a budget and has developed a program to assure projects stay within budget. We look at developing, monitoring, and maintaining the project budget as a team effort. In order for any team to be successful, good communication and commitment must be present throughout all phases of the project.

Our documented plan review process also aids in controlling costs. If we can eliminate any conflicts in the drawings, then we can control the final cost of a project and deliver within the budget and the GMP.

At Wright Construction, Quality Control is defined in part by Zero (0) punchlist. It is our conviction that it is not the responsibility of the design team or the client to have to verify the quality of our work. It is incumbent upon Wright Construction to deliver the highest quality workmanship whether or not anyone will ever inspect our work. The value of the QC program at Wright Construction has both short-term and long-term benefits. First, when a project is finished in a high-quality fashion, the client can take occupancy and utilize their facility without having to wait on a contractor to make extensive corrections. Second, the long-term benefits of quality construction is the life-cycle cost of the facility. When quality construction is performed, the client will recognize this in the lower maintenance costs for their building. A building constructed to rigid standards will be easier and less costly to maintain. The ability to finish a project without having any aspects that require correction is a value to all of our clients. It also shows that we are diligent in reviewing contract documents and ensuring that all aspects of the project are just as they should be upon substantial completion. At Wright Construction, we desire to deliver that level of quality on every project.